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Tyler Perry Faces Backlash for Suggesting High-Earning Black Women Should Consider Lower-Income Partners


Tyler Perry has received criticism from black women after suggesting that successful women should consider dating men with lower incomes. The remarks sparked a social media uproar, with many expressing their disagreement.

One Twitter user stated, “Tyler Perry’s 30-year obsession with telling Black women what type of man they should want makes a lot more sense when you realize he’s selling his own fantasies and desires of his ideal dude…”

Another individual commented, “Tyler Perry has been single my entire life. I ain’t even listening to sh-t he’s got to say in the first place.”

A third tweet read, “The fact that black men aren’t even offended by what Tyler Perry said about them is hilarious.”

TikTok star @jasminesgarden23 went further, suggesting that Tyler Perry struggles “to hold Black men accountable” due to “unresolved trauma” with his own father. In a follow-up video, she addressed commenters, stating that Black women often bear the burden of breaking generational curses without expecting the same accountability from Black men.

Tyler Perry initially made these remarks on the “Keep It Positive, Sweetie” podcast with Crystal Renee Hayslett. He stated that high-earning Black women, who often out-earn Black men, should be open to dating men with lower incomes as long as they are good partners. Perry emphasized that love and support should take precedence over financial considerations in a relationship.

While Perry’s comments have sparked a debate, they also underline the complex dynamics surrounding relationships and financial disparities, particularly within the Black community.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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