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Tyrese Gibson Alleges Racial Profiling in $1 Million Lawsuit Against The Home Depot


In a shocking turn of events, acclaimed actor and musician Tyrese Gibson has brought to light an alleged racial profiling incident that unfolded at a Home Depot store in West Hills, CA on February 11. Sharing a compelling video capturing the incident, Gibson has filed a lawsuit against The Home Depot, seeking a staggering $1 million in compensation for the discriminatory treatment he and his associates endured.

The unsettling video, posted by Gibson, showcases a confrontation between the artist and a store manager, wherein Gibson demands an explanation for the store’s actions. The incident centers around Gibson’s associates, craftsmen Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez, who were denied the ability to make a purchase using Gibson’s credit card, prompting Gibson to probe into the underlying rationale.

The lawsuit, a meticulous account of the incident, reveals that Gibson’s ordeal began when he was recognized by fans within the store. Opting to wait in his car, Gibson allowed his associates to proceed with purchasing construction materials, but an unexpected twist unfolded at the checkout counter. Despite previous consent, the cashier refused to complete the transaction, allegedly citing “store policy.”

Gibson’s frustration and disbelief are palpable in the video, as he questions the rationale behind allowing him to leave the store without payment for a mere two candy bars while his associates encountered impediments. His repeated attempts to gain clarity from the store manager are met with evasive responses, further escalating the situation. The video is shown on Gibson’s Instagram.

The court filing, obtained by The Messenger, paints a vivid picture of the ordeal, asserting that Gibson, Mora, and Hernandez fell victim to “outrageous discriminatory mistreatment and consumer racial profiling.” The lawsuit states that despite Gibson’s recognition and fame, he was subjected to unjust treatment based on his race.

The contentious interaction reached its apex when Gibson’s repeated attempts to grant permission via FaceTime for his associates to use his credit card were met with resistance. The lawsuit details the cashier’s refusal to complete the transaction, demanding identification and echoing the vague refrain of “store policy.” The ordeal only concluded after Gibson engaged in a heated discourse with the cashier, underscoring the distressing nature of the situation.

Gibson’s lawsuit seeks not only financial reparation but also a reckoning with the unjust treatment he alleges to have faced. With a lifetime’s worth of expenditures at Home Depot, totaling an astounding $1 million, Gibson’s legal action serves as a stark reminder that racial profiling has no place in modern society, and even prominent figures are not immune to its insidious effects. As the case unfolds, it raises important questions about accountability, equality, and the imperative to address deeply entrenched biases within commercial spaces.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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