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Tyrese Gibson Faces $10 Million Defamation Lawsuit Over Unreleased Interview Footage


Renowned singer and actor Tyrese Gibson is currently entangled in a legal battle, facing a $10 million defamation lawsuit filed by filmmaker Bryan Barber. The lawsuit comes as a response to comments Tyrese made during a September 7 appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” where he accused Barber of withholding interview footage. The director alleges that these statements severely damaged his character and reputation.

The legal dispute revolves around a 2019 project that involved Tyrese Gibson, Charlamagne Tha God, and Barber. Gibson hired Barber’s video streaming platform, Pivot Originals, to shoot and edit an interview. The initial agreement stipulated that the interview would be filmed over one day, with both parties sharing revenue from streaming and distribution on a 50/50 basis.

However, it appears the project hit a roadblock when Gibson requested a second day of shooting to capture additional “B-Roll” footage featuring the actor spending time with his wife and their newborn daughter. As the situation evolved, Barber’s lawsuit explains that Gibson’s management directed Barber not to release any portion of the interview, citing concerns about their client’s reputation.

Despite the initial 50/50 revenue split agreement, Tyrese Gibson allegedly refused to adhere to the previously negotiated terms, a point highlighted in the lawsuit. These tensions simmered and finally came to public attention when Tyrese mentioned the situation during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” stating that Barber was withholding the footage. He revealed having paid $35,000 for the project but had not received access to the material.

Bryan Barber’s lawsuit claims that Gibson’s comments on the radio show have seriously defamed him and damaged his character and reputation. In the legal documents, it is highlighted that Pivot Originals’ success largely depends on establishing and maintaining trust with content creators. The outcome of this lawsuit could significantly impact how individuals in the entertainment industry approach contracts and verbal agreements, shedding light on the intricacies and potential legal consequences of such disputes.

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