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Tyrese Gibson Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Airbnb Property Damage


Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson is now at the center of a legal dispute as he is being sued for reportedly causing extensive damage to an Airbnb property. Tracy Wolf, the property manager, claims that Tyrese, who signed a 6-month lease for a $20,000-per-month 5-bedroom estate in Woodland Hills, made “excessive alterations” that resulted in damages to the residence.

According to Wolf, Tyrese’s changes included modifying electrical panels, adding non-code-compliant electrical outlets, painting a marble fireplace in a gold metallic color, closing doors and windows, and causing damage to the HVAC units. The property manager insists that these alterations caused harm to the property.

In response, Tyrese, captured on video showcasing the changes, argues that the modifications were temporary and designed for privacy, with materials not permanently attached to the home’s existing structures. However, the property manager contends that Tyrese assured there were no permanent changes, which they dispute.

The lawsuit alleges that Tyrese also attempted to have 22 banana trees removed from the property, and when the gardener refused, he tried to hire another company but was stopped by the property management team.

Despite repeated requests not to make unauthorized changes, Wolf claims Tyrese disregarded these warnings and made alterations at his discretion. Tiffanique Webb, the homeowner, reportedly gave Tyrese several months to restore the property, but when he stopped responding to communications, she decided to pursue legal action.

Webb is seeking more than $25,000 in damages from Tyrese Gibson. As of now, there has been no response from Tyrese regarding the lawsuit.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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