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Usher Unveils Unforgettable Connection: Usher Once Looked After Young Beyoncé During The Dolls Era


Usher has recently shared a surprising and heartwarming tale of his early connection with none other than Beyoncé, back when she was a budding talent in her pre-teen years as a member of The Dolls.

The R&B icon made this revelation during an appearance on the U.K.’s Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp. Usher recounted a studio session that brought him into the same space as a young Beyoncé, where he found himself playing an unexpected role – that of a guardian for the burgeoning group.

“Here’s a fun fact: I knew Beyoncé when she was just 12 years old, around 11,” Usher disclosed. “She was part of a group called The Dolls. While I can’t exactly claim to be their babysitter, there was a time when I found myself overseeing The Dolls.”

He elaborated, “I was at Daryl Simmons’ place. He was working with them at the time, and coincidentally, I was also there. They were in the middle of a session, and somehow I ended up becoming sort of their chaperone, or perhaps a nanny, if you will. I was probably the oldest one in the room.”

The reminiscence is quite extraordinary, considering the monumental careers that both Usher and Beyoncé would eventually carve out in the music industry. Flash forward three decades, and these two titans boast a collective 40 Grammy Awards, not to mention numerous multi-platinum achievements.

Their paths would cross once more in 2008 with “Love In This Club II,” a sequel to Usher’s hit alongside Jeezy, featuring Lil Wayne.

Usher’s reflections on his interaction with Beyoncé serve as a testament to the incredible talent that was present in that room, which would go on to shape the future of music. As Queen Bey continues to shatter records, recently achieving the title of the highest-grossing Black musician of all time with her Renaissance World Tour, it’s a reminder of the extraordinary journeys these artists have undertaken since their early days.

Her ongoing tour has already raked in an astounding $296 million from 33 shows, with more performances yet to come. Adding to her remarkable feat, Beyoncé smashed records for the highest-grossing concert by a female artist and a Black performer, achieving this milestone with her back-to-back shows at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on July 29 and 30. These performances amassed a jaw-dropping $33 million, further solidifying her status as a global music phenomenon.

Having cemented herself as the highest-grossing Black artist ever, Beyoncé’s concerts have sold a staggering 11.2 million tickets, amounting to a remarkable $1.3 billion in revenue throughout her illustrious career.

As her Renaissance Tour prepares to captivate Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a three-night spectacle starting on Friday, August 11, the connection between Usher and a young Beyoncé serves as a heartwarming reminder of the shared journey these musical legends have embarked upon, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and the world.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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