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Vin Diesel Faces Serious Allegations of Sexual Assault in Explosive Lawsuit


Renowned actor Vin Diesel is confronting a legal storm as he becomes embroiled in a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault against a former assistant. Asta Jonasson, who worked briefly for Diesel during the production of “Fast 5” in 2010, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the action star forcibly groped her and subjected her to a horrifying ordeal.

According to Jonasson, she was tasked with assisting Vin Diesel at his suite in the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta. Allegedly, after Diesel entertained multiple women, he turned his attention to Jonasson. The assistant claims that Diesel forcefully grabbed her, groped her breast, and kissed her against her will. Shockingly, the assault escalated as Diesel purportedly lifted her dress, attempted to remove her underwear, and pinned her against the wall.

Jonasson details a distressing account of Diesel exposing himself, engaging in inappropriate behavior, and masturbating in her presence. Throughout this harrowing experience, she alleges that Diesel callously uttered, “No one can say s**t about Asta.” Hours later, Jonasson claims she was abruptly fired by Samantha Vincent, Diesel’s sister and president of One Race Films, citing they no longer required her assistance.

The lawsuit further asserts that Jonasson, fearful of Diesel’s influence in Hollywood and hindered by her immigration status, remained silent for years. She now draws strength from the #MeToo movement and California’s Speak Out Act, allowing victims to file sexual assault claims for incidents dating back to 2009.

Vin Diesel’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, vehemently denies the allegations, stating that Diesel categorically refutes the claim in its entirety. According to Freedman, this is the first time Diesel has heard of the more than 13-year-old claim, and there is evidence to counter the “outlandish allegations”.

The lawsuit against Vin Diesel, his sister, and One Race Films includes charges of sexual battery, wrongful termination, and creating a hostile work environment. As this shocking case unfolds, it adds to the growing conversation surrounding harassment and assault within the entertainment industry.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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